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Feature: FreedOM Therapeutics, at The Brunswick Center

Where therapeutic massage and yoga are combined, to refresh oneself both physically and mentally:

FreedOM Therapeutics


Working 65 to 70 hours a week in the retail industry, Oneika Mays found herself constantly stressed, tired and aching. That is, until she found yoga.

Today, the longtime Jersey City resident has long left the world of retail behind and is a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and owner of FreedOM Therapeutics.

“When people first get on my table, I have them take a moment and breathe so they have a sense of awareness. Then we do a gentle body scan, face-up or face-down, which gives them a chance to bring themselves into this moment,” said Mays.

“Using yoga and meditation in conjunction with massage gets people inspired and helps them set their mind on self-healing.”

Mays, who has taught yoga to everyone from cancer patients to prisoners on Rikers Island, says therapeutic massage and yoga combined allow her clients to refresh themselves both physically and mentally. In the case of her patients with athletic injuries, she says they can even heal faster with her help.

“Working with stretches is such a different way to explore therapeutics than statically lying on a table — You just feel more moved.”

She tailors each 60- to 90-minute session for each client. Some of her patients just opt for yoga, others for just massage, and for several, her winning combo of both.

“Some people like to do therapeutic postures before moving onto the table, or even stretches with a yoga feel on the table,” she said. “Working with stretches is such a different way to explore therapeutics than statically lying on a table. You just feel more moved!”

Being in the Brunswick Center also adds to the experience, she says.

“It’s amazing. The energy in this space just feels so good — there are people doing spin, kickboxing and even capoeira! Everyone is so community-oriented and it’s just such a friendly place,” she said, adding that the center is one of the most fantastic community resources in the Village neighborhood and Jersey City overall.

“There is an explosion happening in Jersey City that is absolutely incredible, especially with local businesses that have a wellness spin,” said Mays. “It feels like the time is right to be here. It’s great to see how Jersey City has blossomed into a great place for people to live and now, work.”

For more information, visit FreedOM Therapeutics.