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The Jersey City Wave: Shepard Fairey | YouTube

Shepard Fairey’s ‘Jersey City Wave’ in 4 minutes

Downtown Sid – #Halloween2015 is just getting started!

Downtown sid

Be sure to check out both theFamily Halloween Bash on Newark Avenue and the Halloween on Newark Avenue & Grove St Plaza.

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Family Halloween Bash on Newark Avenue

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RSVP! November 7: Preschool-Kindergarten “Student for a Day” Auditing Session at The Brunswick School

RSVP FOR STUDENT FOR A DAY, CLASSROOM AUDIT ON NOVEMBER 7TH at The Brunswick School in Downtown Jersey City


TBS student for a day

The Brunswick School will be hosting a class auditing session on Saturday, November 7th from 10AM-12PM. Student ages 2.5 years through Kindergarten will take place in a mock lesson plan, arts and crafts activity and play time in one of our Preschool classrooms led by two of our certified teachers! Parents/students will get the opportunity to sample yummy food from our delicious school menu. Looking for automatic placement in one of our new classrooms? Registering on the 7th will secure you $50.00 off your registration fee! Reserve your spot today!

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Quote of the Day…

bad day

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Poll: Half of Jersey City voters support legalizing small amounts of pot | NJ.com

I could see that…

400 voters were selected at random for the telephone poll.

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Why Jersey City Will Allow Airbnb | Steven Fulop

Great article by Mayor Fulop on Airbnb

If there are concerns about a new technology or platform or industry, the way to address those concerns is not by trying to eliminate what’s new. Instead, as Bill Clinton said, “We have to make change our friend,” which is what we’re doing in Jersey City with regard to Airbnb.

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Dale Talde Reopens Jersey City Space As Bell + Gray | Gothamist

Sometimes, minor tweaks is all you need

_MG_1769 - Version 2

There are sports on the TV but it’s a much homier vibe than a regular sports bar.

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LIBERTY BRIDGE: Connecting Jersey City to Manhattan

a boy can dream….


Liberty bridge

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