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Jersey City's Premier Real Estate Firm with a primary focus in Development and Lending in Downtown Jersey City.


BGT Enterprises is a ‘one stop real estate shop’ based in Jersey City, NJ.  


We bring a strong knowledge of all the related real estate components together to create a seamless interface for you and/or your company whether you’re looking to borrow, lend, or build; In addition,  our partners at Prime Real Estate Group handle all the purchasing and selling for our clients and us exclusively. 


BGT is devoted to improving Jersey City by developing forward thinking properties with a high level of design and quality concentrating on local needs and neighborhoods.  BGT also provides Management, contracting and lending to further the community in which we live and work.


BGT is located in the neighborhood in which we work; our offices and our time is spent with the very people we serve.  Please visit us at 276 Newark Avenue.




Our success on present and future developments hinge on our unparalleled ability to work within the community and the municipality in order to produce a product that suits everyone’s needs. Understanding those needs and the needs of the future residents/tenants is BGT’s strong suit. We have the experience necessary to get projects moving quickly and to deliver a product that meets and exceeds everyone’s requirements. We are a leader in the area with regard to our emphasis on new building technologies that provide not only the end users, but everyone in the community with buildings that add value and continuity.


In addition to developing and partnering on medium to large scale projects, BGT Enterprises provides general contracting services to those in need of expert, high quality renovations and/or new construction. We pride ourselves on our background in small scale contracting and our clients receive the attention to detail and the commitment to their project that can only be achieved by a contractor with this background. BGT's access to top of the line materials and new building technology is allows us to focus on green solutions that make your home or office more economical, comfortable, easier to maintain and safer.


BGT Enterprises offers a full service line of options for buildings small and large. We specialize in smart home technology and building security to make your building the most comfortable, hassle free operation for both the board/owner and the residents. We strive to constantly evaluate and introduce features that make living in the building a true pleasure.


BGT Enterprises has managed a $30 Million loan portfolio for our lenders since 2010 on collateralized assets. Additionally, we have provided much needed capital to other developers in the area which in turn strengthens our developing community. If you are a property owner in need of capital, BGT Enterprises is the connection you need. Our special situation financing team lends up to 60% of any real estate asset regardless of income, credit, or any other restrictions. Rates start as low as 9%.



Our corporate offices are located at 276 Newark Avenue in the heart of the neighborhood we serve.

276 Newark Ave, Jersey City
+1 (201) 656-7200
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